First, always call the police and have an accident report filled out. Get a copy of this report for your records and make copies for your insurance company.

Under the new Florida PIP law, you MUST see a Doctor within 14 days. We see new patients SAME DAY!.

Minimum coverage under Florida PIP law is $10,000.00. Every auto insurance policy must carry this minimum amount of coverage. At Cooper Chiropractic we accept all auto insurance coverages.

Under the new law you also need a certificate of EMC (Emergency Medical Condition) to access all the coverage you pay for. Dr. Cooper works with Dr. Slobasky, a Board Certified Pain Management & Rehab Specialist & Dr. Morales, a Board Certified Neurologist.

Under PIP law you have the right to choose your doctor or go anywhere you wish to be treated. Neither the insurance company or anybody else can tell you that you have to go any where in particular.

At Cooper Chiropractic we have an open door policy, you can come in at your convenience and we will take care of you.

Cooper Chiropractic does not charge your attorney for copies of records, exam reports, test results, or any other necessary paperwork your attorney needs to pursue a case on your behalf. This can save you, the patient, hundreds to thousands of dollars at the time of settlement because these costs are passed on to you and taken out of your settlement. Dr. Cooper does not charge for his testimony either in deposition or trial. This saves you 100's of dollars as this is also taken out of your settlement.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information provided in this article or you have been in an auto accident and want advice on how to proceed with treatment or consulting an attorney, please notify our office at your convenience and we will be more than happy to help you in any way.

At Cooper Chiropractic we provide many various modalities of treatment to help relieve your pain. These include, spinal and extraspinal adjustment, electronic acupuncture treatments, physical therapies, therapeutic exercise, aquamed hydrotherapy, infrared low level cold laser, infrared sauna, and therapeutic massage therapy.

Dr. Cooper has been treating patients suffering from injuries due to auto accidents for 36 years.

We look forward to serving all your needs.
Dr. Cooper and Staff.